Safer Gambling Week UK (19th – 25th Nov)

safer gambling weekStarting the 19th November 2020, and lasting a week, the UK Gambling Commission is raising awareness of problem gambling, and people struggling with controlling their gambling online, in brick and mortar casinos, and in betting shops in Britain.

Gambling Should be Fun!

Gambling is a form of enjoyment that you pay for. This means you are handing over cash for something which must be fun, and in an effort to remain for a finite length of time,like buying a ticket to a movie. The distinction between playing, and any other form of entertainment is that you are playing games of chance for money! Now if this will mean to you that you stroll away with extra money than you began with, or a few other form of prizes, that is great. But if you start with that as a goal, you will probably find yourself upset and miserable most of the time.. If you were confident of a prize every time, you probably should not be gambling! remember, this is supposed to be for entertainment and enjoyment.

The Risks of Gambling

Chance is what makes playing fun, but it is also what makes it a risk. When we talk responsible gambling we’re talking mainly of being capable of gambling without putting yourself in a position to harm yourself financially. Part of gambling greater thoroughly and responsibly is understanding the percentages of the game you are gambling, what the regulations are, and accepting that losing is just as much a part of gambling as winning.

Help Controlling your Gambling/Play Safely

To assist you control your gambling here are a few helpful points and waring signs you should be conscience of

  • Limit the times you gamble
  • Treat gambling as a way to have fun and unwind
  • Don’t treat gambling as a way to make money
  • If you can’t afford to lose, dont start playing
  • Never chase your losses when you are down
  • Never gamble to escape problems
  • Never mix gambling with alcohol or drugs
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