Best SEO Strategy for Gambling Affiliate Websites 2021

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We have the definitive guide to SEO strategy for online casino and sports betting affiliates in 2021! Are you ready for this? DONT DO NOTHING!  Anything you try to do to improve the “search presence” of your WordPress, Wix, Tumblr or whatever s**t website builder you have decided to create your “make money quick” website on, is going to fail, no matter how hard you try!

You may have heard/read/seen on youtube, that the best way to get your website to the top of google is to get links.. right? yeah, you try and get someone to link to “HEY GET 10 FREE SPINS AT WINEVERYTIMECASINO dot COM!” naturally!  So you try a link exchange with other failing casino affiliate marketers websites, and they offer you a link from their “recommended” page from their shitty feeder site that gets no traffic and is probably already penalised by google for exchanging links! duh..

ok, next you try profile links from LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, you even try that stupid pretentious, wanna be writer but failed at life site “Medium”, cuz its supposed to be good for “lead generation” or some shit! None of it works! Next you try Reddit, you try to post your articles(200+ word excuse for an in-depth review of a casino) with link back to your site and are stunned when reddit delete it for spam!

Then you try Youtube, nope, no good when they trash your channel for SPAM! What next? give up? yeah, pretty much.. Oh, you were waiting for me to tell you the best SEO strategy for gambling affiliates in 2021? okay, here it is.  Get in a time machine, set it to 2011, when you get out, start a blog on WordPress and write about casino bonuses, link it to twitter, facebook, tumblr, blogger, pinterest and whatever other social site you can think of, Digg was a good one back then… and watch the cash roll in!

Since you dont have a Delorean, or time machine, then your chances of making any money from casino affiliate marketing in 2021 are ZERO!

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